Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I pay?

A: We accept payments by Eftpos, direct deposit and cash.

Q: Do I need Insurance?

A: Yes. As good as any removalist is accidents do happen. We recommend that you check with your existing Home Contents insurance, as they most likely cover your for accidental insurance in your policy.

Alternatively, visit

Q: Do I need to sign any documents?

A: You will need to sign the quotation. This will ensure you have locked in your removal dates required. You will have an inventory that should be signed by yourself an the driver at uplift and delivery. The inventory will clearly state the condition of your goods upon uplift.

Q: When do I have to pay for the work that is done? Do I need to pay up front?

A: In most instances you will be expected to pay a deposit and the balance payed prior to uplift. This needs to be agreed on in writing, before the job is commenced. Local removals are payable when delivery is made.

Q: Does my furniture stay in the same truck that picks it up?

A: Yes, your furniture will be picked up and delivered in the same vehicle. This ensures minimal handling of your goods. We even make sure that the same team member that loaded your goods is there to deliver them at the other end!

Q: Can I move my plants?

A: We are happy to move your plants, depending on State importation laws. If you are needing plants moved during a local move Do Not water them 48hrs prior to uplift.

Q: Where do you park the truck?

A: Please let your neighbours know that we are coming!!! This is determined on arrival. The driver will park with minimal disruption to your neighbours.