Packing Materials

Our variety of Moving Boxes are each designed with specific uses:

T-chest Carton - is a large general purpose carton often used for packing most household effects such as kitchen wear, linen, lamp shades, etc..
Dimensions: L 431mm x W 406mm x H 596mm

Book/Wine Carton - is smaller in size, designed to accommodate carrying your heavier items including books, tools, CD's, DVD's, crockery, breakables, & well wrapped wine bottles.
Dimensions: L 406mm x W 298mm x H 431mm

Porta-Robes - are an ideal solution when it comes to moving your hanging clothes. Specifically designed to pack and store your clothes on hangers. Ideal for long evening dresses, coats, large & bulky items. Also can be used as a temporary wardrobe for theatre, modelling & photo shoots.
Dimensions: L 595mm x W 479mm x H 1080mm

Silver City Removals offer a complimentary service of the use of Porta-robes for every relocation. (Conditions apply)

Picture Box - ideal for small & medium sized pictures, mirrors, paintings or table tops. For ultimate protection wrap pictures first in paper or bubble wrap.
Dimensions: L 1040mm x W 75mm x H 775mm

Priority Box - Use to pack essential items that are needed first in your new location. If you need to put something in a 'safe spot' then this is your box!! ideal for remote controls, essential nuts & bolts for furniture construction, kettle, toaster, or toiletries.
Dimensions: L 406mm x W 298mm x H 431mm

Archive Box - Fast assembly with no tape required. Double thickness base with built in carry handles and hinged lid. Designed for reliable stacking. Perfect storage solution for account books, paperwork, manila folders, or other archival material.
Dimensions: L 390mm x W 306mm x H 260m

Paper & Tape - We recommend you use clean butcher's paper to wrap your belongings before packing. Using newspaper is not recommended as the ink will transfer onto your items. Butcher's paper can be used as scrunch to fill voids & also pad the top & bottom of boxes.

Packing Paper Large 15kg - Ideal for a large pack 4-5 Brm. Approx. 750 sheets
Packing Paper Medium 5kg - Ideal for a small to medium pack 2-3 Brm. Approx. 250 sheets
Packing Paper small 2.5kg - Ideal for a small pack 1-2 Brm. Approx. 125 sheets

CRUSH?? - 'Crushed' butcher's paper. This gives extra protection for your items. Used as a cushion in the bottom of cartons for crockery and glass wear.

We are happy to supply CRUSH for free (conditions apply)

Tape - We recommend the use of a strong tape to seal the cartons. Cheaper tape can come unstuck at the most inconvenient of times.
Dimensions: L 75m x W48mm