We can store the entire contents of your home or just a few items. With our storage, we estimate and only charge you for the space your goods take up.


If you are only wanting storage for the short term for either a few days, a few weeks or a few months, just let us know what you need and we will work out a solution for you.


We can accommodate your storage needs if you are storing for longer than 6 months. We recommend that you clearly label/number each carton and keep a list of what is in each box, as you might need something later down the track. This will help make it easier to locate what you need. Always keep important original legal/personal documents, passports & wills with you.

Inventory Safe Check - when your goods go into our storage, each item is individually inventoried as your furniture is loaded onto the truck. Any marks or noticeable features will be noted so you are aware of them before the goods are loaded and go into storage.

You will be given a copy of your inventory when it comes time to re-deliver to your new home or for you to pickup. This gives added assurance that everything is 'as it was' when picked up.


  • FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS - Oils, Petrol, Varnish, Kerosene, Turpentine, Pure Alcohol, Methylated spirits, Photographic Developers.
  • TOXINS AND POISONS - Arsenic, Polishes, Pesticides, Weed killers etc, and any items with visible signs of Mould.
  • EXPLOSIVES - Flares, Fireworks, Ammunition.
  • FLAMMABLE GASES - Oxygen, Methane, Acetylene, Chlorine Gas.
  • CORROSIVES - Oxides, Mercury, Caustic Solution.
  • MISCELLANEOUS - Aerosol Cans, Butane Lighters and Refills, Matches, Irritants, Explosive devices of any kind, Gas Cylinders including home soft drink makers.
  • NO PERISHABLES - We suggest you take all foodstuffs with you except tinned food.